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In a country the size of India there are, quite literally, thousands of places to entice the visitor. But many regions of the country are inaccessible and/or simply lack proper infrastructure for tourists. Some of the best and best-known ‘second-tier’ areas which you might consider on a 2nd or subsequent trip include:


Just to the west of Rajasthan and, on the surface at least, quite similar to its better known cousin, this vast desert-dominated state is home to a remarkable array of crafts, unique tribal cultures, some of the most sublimely beautiful temples in the country, and abundant wildlife which is easier to spot than in many other regions.


Definitely not for the faint-hearted, this little-visited region on the north-eastern coast of India is the best place to see tribes whose cultures have, for the most part, withstood the ravages of the 20th and early 21st centuries. Travel here can be somewhat testing, but there are some lovely places to stay, few if any large cities and a true sense of having been somewhere really unique at the end of it all.


Our long-held view is that if you want a tropical beach holiday, it’s often easier, definitely cheaper and probably just as good to head to Queensland or our near-neighbours in the south Pacific. Goa has some nice beaches, but in all truth going all the way to India to spend time on a beach is not the best use of your time, or money.

Generally we recommend a few days on a beach in Kerala as the best way to experience sipping a cocktail under a palm tree if that’s your thing.