North India

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For most people, the first images which come to mind of India are those of the north – palaces, forts, colourful turbaned tribesmen, and of course the Taj Mahal. Flying into Delhi (easy to do from New Zealand with simple connections via Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur) means all this, and much more, is within easy reach.

The vast state of Rajasthan (25% larger than New Zealand’s entire land area!) is home to great cities, harsh deserts, a riot of colour and superb heritage hotels. While Agra, home to the Taj Mahal, is in the neighbouring state of Uttar Pradesh it is easily incorporated into a tour of Rajasthan and Delhi, the nation’s capital. A tour of this region can incorporate all these and more.

A typical tour of 2 to 3 weeks can also include a visit to Varanasi, and the length of the trip across to that city, India’s most sacred, makes it ideal for including an overnight train journey, for many people an essential part of visiting India. Just below you’ll find links to two of our most popular north Indian tours.

Four Corners of Rajasthan is a 19 day near-all-encompassing tour taking in the major cities of the state, several rural destinations and, with the addition of a couple of extra days if time permits, the chance to see tigers in Ranthambore National Park.

The shorter Golden Triangle, Wildlife and Rural Rajasthan works very well as a starting point if you’re thinking of covering the highlights of north and south India into a single trip.

And at all times, bear in mind that often coming from New Zealand, the cost getting to India may be more costly than the trip itself, so staying longer and covering more places may be the best way to go.