India Travel Tips

Between us we’ve spent more time in India than most foreigners ever do, and we’re very happy to share the knowledge which has resulted from this in whatever ways we can. From the best time to visit (the weather plays an enormous role in visiting India), to how train travel works, tipping, what to eat, etiquette when visiting temples, and a whole lot more, we can offer our knowledge to ensure that you have the very best possible experience in India.

When thinking about visiting India from New Zealand, it’s probably fair to say that it’s not a winter getaway type destination. The reason for that is simple – the Indian summer, our winter, is hot, humid, rainy and super-busy, sometimes all at once! It’s fair to say that somewhere in India is ideal for travel year-round, but in our winter months the pickings are fairly slim.

The majority of the country is at its best through October and November and again in February and March. The south is ideal during these months, and offers its very best weather in the middle of the (northern) winter – December and January – although north India is pretty cold during this time, so be prepared.