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If you’ve ever thought about visiting India, you may have found yourself overwhelmed with the logistics, the sheer number of choices on offer and finding someone you can trust to put it all together. Indian Panorama New Zealand can make your dreams of experiencing this most fascinating country come true.

Dealing with fellow Kiwis, backed up by one of the most highly-regarded Indian travel companies, will make the experience affordable, memorable and easier than you’d ever have thought possible.

India is a travel destination like no other. Vast, diverse, confounding, beautiful, overwhelming, even life-changing; any of these descriptions and many more could be applied to this remarkable land. Whether you’re into history, culture, cuisine, beaches, wildlife, music, spirituality, temples, yoga, cricket or any number of other things, India has it all.

About Us

About Us

As Kiwis having lived and worked in India for years, we like nothing more than to share our love for and knowledge of our ‘second home’.

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North India tours

North India

Northern India includes a diverse cultural story, religious devotion on a mass scale, vast deserts, sumptuous heritage hotels and the Taj Mahal.

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South India tours

South India

Lush and tropical with a warm climate year-round, South India is the place to head for a summer-anytime trip with a focus on culture, food or relaxation.

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Rajasthan tours


India’s most famous and iconic travel destination, home to Mughal-era architecture, stunning forts and palaces, and more camels than you can count.

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Kerala tours


In south-west India, Kerala is backwaters, tea and spice plantations, beaches and historic towns. And perhaps the friendliest people outside Aotearoa!

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Himalayas tours


From Himachal Pradesh in the west to Sikkim in the east, and Ladakh and Kashmir in the far north, the world’s largest mountain range is breathtaking.

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Other tours in India

Other Destinations

India's more far flung destinations range from the western desert state of Gujarat to the wilds of Assam and tribal heartlands of Odisha and Chhattisgarh.

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India travel tips

India Travel tips

Here you’ll find our best tips and advice from a combined 35 years plus of travelling, working and living in India. We'd love you to join us!

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